Bolivia Unanimously Approved a Resolution on the Armenian Genocide

(Prensa Armenia) On Wednesday 26 November, the Plurinational Legislative Assembly of Bolivia unanimously passed a resolution in solidarity with the claims of the Armenian people and condemning “all denialist policy regarding the genocide and crimes against humanity suffered by the Armenian nation.”

Speaking to Prensa Armenia, Senator Zonia Guardia Melgar, acting chairperson of the Senate of Bolivia, explained that “the camaral statement was taken unanimously by both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, with the approval of the Foreign Ministry”.

“We offer our full support, solidarity and comradeship to the Armenian people and the Kurdish people, because our State Constitution, which is the law of laws, says no to discrimination, violation of human rights and genocide” she added.

The unofficial translation of the full text of the resolution reads:

“The Plurinational Legislative Assembly of Bolivia share and is in solidarity with the Armenian people for the fight of their claims, the preservation of human rights, and the establishment of truth and justice.

Declares: its firm commitment to human rights, truth, justice, solidarity and condemnation against all denialist policy regarding the genocide and crimes against humanity suffered by the Armenian nation.”

Bedros: new book about the Armenian Genocide

(Horizon Weekly) Bedros, by Irene Vosbikian.
Bedros is the inspirational saga of a man who, his father butchered before his eyes, survives the Armenian Genocide – the first genocide of the 20th century. It is a true story of hope, perseverance and bravery. Bedros is an inspiration to the descendants of all the persecuted immigrants who dreamed and triumphed in the New World.

About the Author
Irene Vosbikian was born in South Philadelphia and is a second generation Italian American. Her father, Rudolf Di Fulvio, was killed in WW II one month before she was born. As such, history and its ramifications have always been an integral part of her life. She married Peter Vosbikian, a first generation Armenian American, and spent many hours listening in awe as her father-in-law recounted hundreds of stories of his life in his homeland. These vivid, first-hand accounts of the Armenian Genocide by the Turks led Irene to plunge further into detailed and documented reports of this horrendous part of history. The result is BEDROS.