Spanish town of Silla officially recognizes Genocide

( On September 29, the Spanish town of Silla, Valencia province officially recognized the Armenian Genocide during a City Council session, the Armenian Foreign Ministry reported.

The resolution was presented by Left Union spokesperson Valentin Mateo who briefly introduced the incentives and consequences of the first Genocide of the 20th century and stressed the need for recognition and condemnation. The six parties representing the City Council unanimously voted in favor of the resolution and acknowledged that the crime perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire was genocide.

Thus, Silla joined the Spanish cities that have officially recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide. As a reminder, the Armenian Genocide has been officially recognized by the city councils of the Spanish towns of Mislata, Burjassot, Betera, San Sebastian, Xirivella, Pinto, Santa Margarita and Manises.

On April 17, 2015 the Basque Parliament condemned the ‘terrible’ crime of the Armenian Genocide, demanded Turkey to recognize it and called for ‘reconciliation between the two countries based on shared history.’ The Parliament has also called for ‘transparent and sincere dialogue’ between Turks and Armenians to ‘build a common future, which will close this tragic chapter of history’ for which understanding, recognition and justice are substantial.

In June 2014, the Spanish autonomous Navarre region‘s parliament recognized the Armenian Genocide. Navarre’s parliament adopted a declaration condemning the Turkish regime’s policy and calling on Turkey to establish diplomatic relations with Armenia in line with good neighborly relations and peaceful settlement of the border issue. The document also states that given the status of Turkey as a EU candidate, these two issues need immediate solutions.

The fact of the Genocide has also been recognized by Catalonia and the Balearic Islands,